Strategic Solutions:
Case Study
Cohering disparate and diverse stakeholders with fuzzy concepts & wicked problems, moving forward with appreciative inquiry.

How to build your own Domestic Violence Case Without a Lawyer
In collaboration with several others at Chayn Labs, I contributed and helped develop this guide. It’s not a replacement for professional legal council, but it helps bridge the gap and assists people in preparing whether they must represent themselves or help their lawyer/advocate better understand and champion their story.

e.g. Guide to navigating wicked problems & complex systems; characterizing rather than defining; strategies for leading sustainability in Higher Education

Writing Portfolio

Navigating Wicked Processes & Complex Systems (a field guide)
Field guide to navigating “fuzzy concepts”, “wicked problems/processes”, and complex systems using risk governance, strategic systems leverage points, with context between individual agency and overarching structures.

For a guide to navigating complex systems and “wicked” processes (aka wicked “problems”) via Risk Governance strategies presented at the Engineering Society of Detroit Institute’s STEM symposium, click this link!

Characterizing (rather than defining) Sustainability
Sustainability is a “fuzzy concept”–for some it’s a buzzword, for others it’s a technical term. At its best, it provides a comprehensive strategic framework for assessing impacts and exists as an ethical concept. Excerpted from capstone research. Considering its characteristics and the nuanced meaning which is imbued beyond traditional definitions of sustainability,viability appears more appropriate as a term to describe comprehensive sustainability. The presentation was designed with audience participation in mind, so many plain sections were intended for dialogue with the audience; citations are curated and the research remains relevant today.

Leading Sustainability through Higher Education: click for Capstone Presentation slides
Characterizing sustainability, organizational fragmentation in higher education mirrored in fragmented pedagogical approaches, shortcomings to empirical science, and strategies for re-integrating the abilities of a learner with the world around them to create lasting systemic change.

Applying risk governance to policy advocacy


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