United Nations Celebration Day

24 X 2012

The event commemorated the lives and diplomatic work of Sam Zehra and Senator George J. Mitchell with the award of a scholarship.  I selected, presented, and performed international music to parallel the richness of insight found in musical and cultural diversity.

I performed traditional Irish music from the city of Londonderry and explained its connection to Senator George J. Mitchell, who is noted for his role in spearheading peace negotiations which took place in Londonderry.  You can read my ruminations regarding the event on my blog.

Inkster Block Club “turning neighborhoods in to communities”

12 X 2012

I was invited to perform for the Southwest Inkster Block Club’s 30th annual celebration on behalf of Mickey Shaw of Roshandi Media.  I focused my repertoire and remarks on themes of social and community justice to commemorate the commitment, challenges, and courage demonstrated by its members, and closed with an audience participation piece of mine to reiterate the necessity of participation and diversity in creating vibrant communities and democracy.

My education and experience garnered from learning side-by-side with people from Ryan Correctional Facility in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program fueled fresh perspective on the dynamics of dynamics of how underprivileged communities can deteriorate or rejuvenate with background in vigorous interdisciplinary studies from sociology, criminal justice, and political science.

Graduation Celebration Performance and Speaking for the Lebanese American Chamber of Commerce 

27 VI 2012

I performed a prelude using a poem by Lebanese-American Poet Kahlil Gibran “On Reason and Passion” with music that reflected similar themes with respect to learning as a life-long endeavor for living well.  My introductory motivational remarks linked the music and explicit themes of passion and reason. I encouraged graduating students to utilize their experiences in and beyond the classroom as opportunities for honing personal passions with reason wherever their educational endeavors.

Global Fest 2011 Global+Local=Glocal Empowerment

17 III 2011

I coordinated the campus-organization oriented presentation and performance between interweaving global and local (glocal) environmental organizations (Sierra Club and Friends of the Rouge) to illustrate a sense of context and deliver empowering ways to meaningfully engage intricate glocal issues as global citizens.  Using the geographic context behind a set of fiddle tunes arranged by Michigan Fiddler Judy Plester, I performed and gave a speech that tied them into the industrial revolution, Appalachian cultural heritage, where our electricity comes from and how our current local energy consumption ties back to coal which accelerates global climate change and contributes to local environmental injustices.

For more about the contents, organizations, and research that backs the narrative and performance I coordinated for this event, you can read further here.


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