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Play with purpose.

The act of musicking establishes in the place where it is happening a set of relationships, and it is in those relationships that the meaning of the act lies. They are to be found not only between those organized sounds which are conventionally thought of as being the stuff of musical meaning but also between the people who are taking part, in whatever capacity, in the performance; and they model, or stand as metaphor for, ideal relationships as the participants in the performance imagine them to be: relationships between person and person, between individual and society, between humanity and the natural world and even perhaps the supernatural world. – Christopher Small

Solo Works (samples and sketches):

Emotive Mechanics (original composition, 2013)

A viola tune on capturing purposeful work and meaningful action. Associated story in East Detroit, written also to introduce a potential educational initiative and align readers with current resources for Restorative Justice in education and skills for entrepreneurship in youths.

Full Story:

Grasping Oppression (original composition, 2015)

Oppression tends to happen when people are systemically denied the dignity of choice for their fundamental needs to exist. There’s a moment of uncertainty when we commit to changing the way things are in our lives and in the world, often without knowing if it’s possible to succeed.

Even after discovering clear signs that something very wrong is happening, it can be challenging to act upon right away when you’ve lived and grown up with it for all your life. Whether it’s domestic abuse or oppression in the community or society you live in, abuse and oppression often share similar behaviors. The tune’s a story about blind determination, catching a glimpse of imagination for making a better world livable now, and the intention that goes behind stewarding recovery.

Mandatory Compassion (original composition, 2013)

Full Story: http://lighttelecommunication.blogspot.com/2013/01/mandatory-compassion.html
Solo violin piece emerging from one lesson: It’s not enough to react with compassion. Lessons learned in creating better character through a formerly incarcerated mentor and in sharing a meal with a homeless gentleman.

Glocal Empowerment: Fiddle tunes and Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining, Climate Change

Full Story: https://iandtran.wordpress.com/bios/performer-presenter-bio/444-2/

Tachyon Omega (original composition, 2014)

Sakura Sakura excerpt (trad. Japanese)

A Pensive Wail (original viola composition, 2014)

Petite Piano Suite (original improvisations, 2012)


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