Ian Tran seeks to convey the brilliance and pathos of life in his compositions, performances, improvisation and presence. Hailing from Metro-Detroit, Ian brings folk, classical, sometimes funk, and music yet to be imagined to concert halls, open mics, parking structures, and streets wherever he goes.

In community context
, Ian integrates the arts with substantive issues pertinent to understanding and resolving interconnected social, economic, and environmental challenges of sustainability. He performs and facilitates workshops using participatory music to manifest alternatives to consumerism in governance, media, and the arts for community resilience. As a soloist, chamber musician, and member of Detroit bands Elemental Meaning and the Detroit Afrikan Funkestra, Ian has partnered with several community organizations to align inspiration with opportunities for tangible social change.

In traditional performing contexts, Ian Tran has played with Amanda Palmer as a member of the Grand Theft Orchestra for their Detroit appearance at St. Andrews Hall, as a soloist at TEDxUMDearborn, internationally as an early classical chamber musician, on international television with Elemental Meaning, co-founded the award winning Greenwood String Ensemble, and is a member of the University of Michigan (UM) Life Sciences Orchestra and West African Drum Ensemble at UM-Dearborn.

As an educator, Ian’s diversity of traditional and informal educational capacities span direct engagement with hundreds of 3rd grade-college students at UM-Dearborn as a writing consultant, tutor, outdoor educator, work as a private coach, and through contributions to nationally recognized educational programs for K-12 education: the 2011 Future City Competition learning blocks via the Engineering Society of Detroit and The Henry Ford Museum’s Rouge Truck Plant as a representative of the U.S. Green Building Council-Detroit Regional Chapter in his role as a member of the project’s advisory committee.

Tran earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and minor in Political Science at UM-Dearborn, is a 2014 StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow, and studied performance under violinists Dr. Maria Sampen and Dr. Mark Schuppener. In addition to violin/fiddle, he frequently plays viola, sometimes the alto saxophone, piano, dunun, and as he showers or drives may sing unabashedly. Ian Tran encourages people of all ages to enjoy live musicking with real people in whatever ethical way they can.

For musick[ing] samples: https://iandtran.wordpress.com/creativity-2/musicking/