Ian Tran
coheres people and their causes toward greater purpose for mutual success.

As a strategist, [click to read full bio]
Ian Tran creates and facilitates strategy, complex systems thinking solutions, and innovation to help improve what you do, how you do it, and ensure it engages the world in ways to benefit business, communities, and the environment alike. He also works side by side with you and your team to make it happen.

As a performer, [click to read full bio]
Ian Tran believes the arts can facilitate empathy and a sense of wonder that moves audiences toward greater purpose as cohesive communities.  He integrates the arts with substantive issues pertinent to understanding and resolving interconnected social, economic, and environmental challenges of sustainability and resilience.

Personal Statement
I strive to prevent unnecessary suffering by creating or facilitating strategic solutions, purposeful play, and wise love for practical peace building.

I believe gatherings can create more coherent communities, and that the arts are a way to cultivate deep compassion and awaken curiosity among former strangers for the world and moments we share.

Borrowing words from a dear friend, my greatness might be found in being able “to take something radically complex and break it down into simple words, pictures, or even music (violin!) so that anyone can understand.” I take time to put disparate ideas and efforts into meaningful context for creating clear actions, and to help people know they make a difference in the world’s social, economic, and environmental challenges.

At the same time, understanding without action manifests idle complacency, so I’m equally vested in doing the work to ensure we create the outcomes and impacts as intended or better.

I look forward to witnessing your greatness (yes you, dear reader) and discovering how we might enrich relationships with one another, our work, and the world.