Facebook, Free Speech, and the Free Press

I think it’s important for people to understand the issues with and risks of using facebook. If I’m slow to upload pictures or post online, sometimes it’s because I’m weighing these out.

I don’t agree with Richard Stallman’s views on a lot of things, but I share his contempt for companies that use manipulative strategies to function and he’s compiled a pretty long list of articles to back his opinion about companies like facebook and Amazon.

Obviously, many of us use facebook and it does have benefits–if learning from gun violence in the U.S. can give us one piece of hope, our ability to quickly spread awareness about current events and a create a greater push for accountability from police and citizens around the nation might be part of it.

I’m still figuring out what I can do aside from taking note of what it did in India, how the initial livestreaming video of Philando Castile’s execution was temporarily removed, and how facebook shut down the livestream of another woman getting shot at the request of Baltimore’s police.

Facebook should also be held accountable for its methods, even if it only means calling them out for their actions (though I hope there’s more which can be done).

Richard Stallman’s “Reasons not to be used by facebook” :
Facebook’s “free internet offer” & why India rejected it (The Economist):
Facebook’s explanation for taking down the Philando Castile’s livestreamed execution before putting it back up (Washington Post):
Facebook Shuts Down Live Stream of Shooting at Baltimore Police’s request (Forbes):

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