I stopped openly sharing a lot of links on facebook because I don’t like how the company tracks users and suppresses information with little disclosure.
I’ve seen up to 300 3rd party tracking requests per day (random apps, external websites, advertisers, etc. wanting to know where you are, what your browsing habits look like, etc.). A more significant case: The original livestream/video of Philando Castile’s execution was deleted by facebook before later being labeled as graphic once it became a widely shared video. This is alarming that a company would shut down vital communications even when people’s lives are in danger or in the process of being eliminated.
At the same time, it gets burdensome and intimidating to address or educate about current events when few people have access to the kind of information I’m finding and using to inform my opinions decisions, and actions.
The silence that comes from not communicating online with people who I might not normally run into becomes a disservice to a lot of us–we’re more likely to polarize, we forget to engage neighbors as people regardless of politics.
I’ll probably share what I find through raw re-posts more often, or on twitter or LinkedIn and through blog posts that compile various things.
This can be scary in itself. People are quick to judge and stay within their circles. What I share doesn’t necessarily equate with what I believe in but the stakes for violence in the U.S. and around the world are rising and I’d rather try to initiate deeper consideration among others while we have the opportunity to do so.
As usual, if something doesn’t make sense suspend judgement, ask, or let’s talk by phone/message/or meet in person.
Meanwhile, enjoy a musical Paper Chase.

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