Who can make sense of anything?

“Instead of joining hands, human beings become more and more isolated and face their own miserable little walls.

Who can make sense of anything?”  -Gabriella Montero

We can–as in, whenever people choose to come together with shared intention to make sense of the world, there’s wisdom to be found with intentional gatherings.

As a musician, you convene and can create whole communities every time you perform. When you know how to facilitate dialogue with the people who you engage, it’s an opportunity to also let people share insight and harness their wisdom toward collective purpose if you are able to establish the intention for doing so.

The way entertainment and the arts are portrayed tends to isolate some of the abilities artists have in helping others unite, make sense of the world, and learn deeply about each other or whatever we can do to spur genuine curiosity toward solving deeper crises. It requires aligning reasoned understanding with empowerment, credible action and accountability, but it’s doable and I believe it’s among the approaches necessary for visceral peacebuilding.

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