Carry a little bit of death [not guns]


In five hours I’ll be welcoming 10 men from The School For Men tribe to a mansion in Carlsbad for a four night retreat where we will dive deeper and deeper and deeper into ourselves to find the gold that has been there all along.

Some people are interesting in exploring outer space. I enjoy going to the deepest depths of inner space.

Yes, no stone is left unturned in my work with men.

We will inevitably talk about sex, money, death, God, fear, family, play, and legacy. And whatever are their current life’s deepest questions.

I’m curious…

What do these men need to know?

From your heart to theirs…

What message do you have for these brave men who are committing their everything to truly having it all.

I’ll make sure to pass them along at some point during the week.

Thanks for rooting for the men. We all need your love and support.

heart emoticon [Mike Hrostoski]

Find gifts through presence. Help yourself and others be at their best, or celebrate as is.
If you’re painfully honest with yourself and the realities you choose to engage, it’s easy to find something you’re willing to die for.
What most people aren’t prepared for emotional collateral connected to the death of people you work and love with.
When someone dies, people tend to wake up. In grieving, people muster gratitude by recollecting precious moments from the life of the deceased so that they may be present with their memory and relationship once again. In gathering to mourn, the legacy of a deceased individual begins to emerge. We sense reality, or at least parts of it, more keenly through what we feel as we grieve.
But what does staying awake mean? If you’re fully present in gratitude with those around you, how might your acts of remembrance change?
That’s as much a part of the work for awareness when working to transform communities and legacies. Keep a little bit of death with you by knowing both and it’ll be easier to stay keen as the sense urgency can be rekindled by the legacy of those who have passed or will.
Is painful honesty always necessary? That’s for you to discover.

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