Human Trafficking: Signs

There’s a prominent billboard I’ve seen over the past 2 years that says something like “Oriental Massage” on a rural stretch of highway driving from the Detroit region to Lansing, I want to say it appears near or past Jackson, MI. Does anyone know if that location has been investigated for human trafficking?

Below are a few articles on recognizing human trafficking and its impacts [1,2]. Both of them mention Oriental Massage parlors as a telltale sign. The first is also useful for travelers to recognize common signs to watch for. i.e. An adult speaking for a child who doesn’t seem like they’re related and in poor relation to one another, very little luggage/entertainment for the youth despite it being a long trip.

Michigan’s ranked #2 in the nation for human trafficking activity due to its proximity to major international transit hubs (airport, canada, highway, etc. it’s second only to San Francisco [3]). There’s even been a case in Ypsilanti from 2012 [4].

[1] Indicators, good overview for navigating detection to initiating support.
[2] In-depth profile on how the industry tends to operate based on a recent case in Ohio.

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