Mister Rogers & the Good Fight

For competitive fighters, weighing beyond a certain number can put you in a very different class of fighters. Thus, fighters might pay judicious attention to their weight (e.g. 135 lbs is the cutoff for basdfsdfantamweights before joining featherweights who are up to 145 lbs in MMA).

Mr. Rogers (of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) is easier to describe as a non-competitive lover than a fighter, but I think he deserves his own weight class for successfully preserving funding in public broadcasting from an otherwise stubborn Senate [1].

Supposedly, he’d try to keep his weight at 143 lbs because the numbers could be associated with the numbers necessary to say “I LOVE YOU.” [2]

Yesterday I checked my weight for the first time in a few months and learned I was a pound short of being a Mr. Rogers’ weight, 142 lbs. By the logic above, I guess it’s supposed to mean “I LOVE ME” for now.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXEuEUQIP3Q
[2] http://www.esquire.com/…/i…/a27134/can-you-say-hero-esq1198/

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