Local, central; scaling out, scaling up?


“If we changed to the new corporate way, virtually all our food items would be gone,” said Troy DeLeon, who took over the store in 1995 from original owner Bob Litherland, who also was considered something of a company maverick. “The corporate way is everything exactly the same.”

efficiency–then scale up. We see this in “vertically integrated” supply chains among automotive companies (e.g. Henry Ford was famous for buying steel, rubber, and auto assembly all in-house)

Peters (DQ HQ CEO) said the company cannot promote the store “as a brand and a system,” and added that most DQ lovers are looking for uniformity and the indoor dining experience provided by the company’s newer DQ Grill and Chill restaurants.

Striking parallels to the tension between local (municipal/state) and federal government.

See page 9 & 10 on risk governance.

In other parts of academia, scholars (especially those who’ve used economist & philosopher Amartya Sen’s work) might refer to this as “positionality”–reality that accepts how we look at very subjective and personal experience, while also acknowledging that some “objective” standards can exist and emerge.


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